TODO: Cover end-user installation here.

IPA settings

If you want to be able to manage registering users, you need to setup the corresponding role and privilege in IPA.

First, create a privilege containing the permissions needed to manage stage users:

ipa privilege-add "Stage User Managers" --desc "Manage registering users in Noggin"
ipa privilege-add-permission "Stage User Managers" --permissions "System: Read Stage Users" --permissions "System: Modify Stage User" --permissions "System: Remove Stage User"

Then, create a role associated with this privilege:

ipa role-add "Stage User Managers" --desc "Manage registering users in Noggin"
ipa role-add-privilege "Stage User Managers" --privileges "Stage User Managers"

Finally, if your administrators group is called sysadmin, give people in the sysadmin group the role to manage registering users:

ipa role-add-member "Stage User Managers" --groups sysadmin